Zur Au restaurant

Banquet menu suggestions


Opening times of the restaurant

Monday to Thursday 5:00 a.m. to2:00a.m.

Friday to Sunday5:00a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Tel: +41 44 844 00 37

We offer the possibility to adjust our opening times if you are planning an event in our house.


Selection of sweet pastries.

Almond tops

Each 4.00 CHF

Muffins with lemon, chocolate or blueberries

Each 4.90 CHF

Nut sticks

Each CHF 4.50

Mixed Danish pastries

Each 4.00 CHF

Mini fruit tarts with fresh fruits

Each CHF 5.50

Selection of mini patisserie

Each CHF 4.50

Mini brownie

Each CHF 4.50

Apricot blind

Each CHF 4.50


Each CHF 2.50

Cream slices

Each CHF 3.50


Puff pastries (3 different types)

5.50 CHF per serving

Mini cheeseclip

Each 1.80 CHF

Mini pizza (homemade)

Each 3.00 CHF

Shrimp in the batter

Each CHF 3.50

Eglich Nusperli with Tartare Sauce 100g

7.50 CHF


with classy beef tartare

Each CHF 3.50

with ham and asparagus

Each 3.00 CHF

with smoked salmon and apple horseradish

Each 4.00 CHF

with Brie de Meaux, grapes and walnuts

Each CHF 3.50


with Bündnerfleisch

Each CHF 6.50

with salami nostrano

Each 4.00 CHF

with Brie de Meaux

Each 5.00 CHF

with herbal cream cheese

Each 4.00 CHF

with tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

Each 6.00 CHF

with Norwegian smoked salmon

Each CHF 6.50

with roast beef

Each 6.00 CHF

with Parma ham

Each CHF 6.50

Small nibbles

Roasted nuts and almonds, mixed

p. P. 3.50 CHF

Pommes Chips

p. P. 2.80 CHF

Marinated olives, mixed

p. P. 3.50 CHF

Mixed puff pastries

p. P. 3.00 CHF


Warm appetizers with meat and fish


Mini vegetable spring rolls with sweet & sour dip I perch pearls with tartar sauce

Puff pastry ham croissant

Tiger Prawns on Lemongrass Marinated Chicken Satay Skewers with Peanut Sauce

Giant prawns wrapped in coconut with curry dip

Würzige Dollar Hamburger mit BBQ Dip

Each CHF 4.50

Menu 1

Walenstadt giant soup

Schweinestook Waldhear with wild mushroom ratimuauce, hash browns and seasonal vegetables, strawberry gince and cream

58.00 CHF

Menu 2

Soup with sherry and puff pastry

Leaf salads with honey sauce. Stuffed pork with a light Marchelsauce

Pasta and salson vegetables

Caramel head with cream

68.00 CHF

Menu 3

Clear oxtail soup

Nut salad on olive oil with Aceto di Modena

Kaibsrucken fried in one piece with lightly bound rosemary

Butter noodles and seasonal vegetables

Brown and white chocolate mousse

75.00 CHF

Menu 4

Scampi on saffron linguine

with porcini mushrooms, consommé with fladi, spinach salad with honeyed sauce, veal steak Chaserrugg with Marchel sauce, noodles and seasonal vegetables, tiramisu

85.00 CHF

Menu 5

Soup with diced vegetables

Fried salmon slices with saffron sauce, rels, sorbet sauces with various fruits

62.00 CHF

Menu 6

Soup with vegetable strips

Leaf salads with gordist bread cubes, Entrecôte Madagascar, in a cream sauce with green peppercorns, fried potatoes and salson vegetables, panna cotta with lukewarm wild berries, perfumed with cherry

68.00 CHF

Menu 7

Mixed seasonal salad

Beef lilet Churfirston

with porcini mushrooms on a light cream sauce, butter noodles and seasonal vegetables, apple fritters I with vanilla ice cream

69.00 CHF

Menu 8

Mixed seasonal salad

Medallion of veal fillet with orange sauce risotto and seasonal vegetables, lemon sorbet with Campari

85.00 CHF

Menu 9

Leaf salads with fresh meadow mushrooms

Thousand Iceland Dressing

Medallion of veal fillet with orange sauce risotto and seasonal vegetables, lemon sorbet with Campari

Médaillons from veal fillet Calvados “with glazed apple slices. Butter noodles and seasonal vegetables, white chocolate mousse

85.00 CHF

Menu 10

Leaf salads with Caesar sauce

Soup with pulp, roast lamb Provençales i potato gratin and seasonal vegetables, caramel topping with cream

75.00 CHF

Menu 11

Melon with baby prawns

Leaf salads with smoked salmon strips

Roasted whole sole with tomato, lemon and caper sauce, rice and grilled tomato and spinach, fresh fruit salad with cream

67.00 CHF

Menu 12

Soup with vegetables

Blood salad with diced bacon and croutons, sliced ​​pork with curry sauce, rice and fruit garnish, caramel head

38.00 CHF

Menu 13

Solothurn Wysuppli

Nut salad with diced bacon and croutons of pork neck roast, with herb cream sauce, French fries. Vegetable garnish with caramel topping

48.00 CHF

Menu 14

Saffron and leek cream soup

Leaf salad with egg. Paprika cream goulash. Spaetzli. Steamed bean chocolate mousse

48.00 CHF

Menu 15

Cream of curry soup

Mixed salad, fried chicken breasts, with saffron sauce, dry rice, caramel köpfli

48.00 CHF

Menu 16

Mixed salad

Mixed salad, pork piccata, Milanese style, saffron risotto, spinach caramel köpfli

38.00 CHF

Menu 17

Rigihof salad with bean sprouts

Carrots, radishes, croutons and house dressing Sliced ​​veal Zurich style “in creamy mushroom sauce with butter rösti Fresh fruit salad with cherry and vanilla ice cream

58.00 CHF

Menu 18

Nut salad with warm forest mushrooms on a walnut oil dressing

Glazed roast veal with rosemary jus, butter noodles and a colorful vegetable bouquet Caramel köpfli with whipped cream

54.00 CHF

Menu 19

Coconut lemongrass soup with whipped cream

Corn chicken breast with red Thai curry sauce, wok vegetables and jasmine rice Fresh pineapple with vanilla mascarpone on passion fruit sauce

46.00 CHF

Menu 20

Rucolasalat with raw ham and olive bread

Poached sea bass fillet with thyme butter, fresh spinach and fried potatoes Amaretti Parlait with orange fillets and chocolate sauce

62.00 CHF

Menu 21

Garden salad with sautéed fish strips on olive oil dressing

Braised beef in a strong Barolo sauce Seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes Apple tartlets with vanilla sauce

61.00 CHF

Menu 22

Carpaccio vom Rind auf Rucolasalat

Cream of cauliflower soup with vegetable strips and Truffetol Briefly roasted char fillet on chervil foam

Fine leek vegetables with braised vine tomatoes Mixed game of veal roasted whole in the oven with Madeira jus and forest tips in cream Vegetable bouquet and new fried potatoes, chestnut parfait with red wine plums

98.00 CHF

Menu 23

Tuna tartare on papaya salad Gravlax with dill mustard sauce and smoked salmon rosette with horseradish foam

Double beef stock with sherry under the puff pastry cover Roasted red mullet fillet on braised saffron fennel with sweet and sour tomato confit and small potatoes Veal loin roasted in one piece on port wine jus with sautéed wild mushrooms cream noodles

115.00 CHF

Menu 24

Antipasti plate with grilled vegetables

Seafood salad melon, with Parma ham, vitello tonnato and salad bouquet Poultry consommé with strips of dried tomatoes and rocket pasta Lake Side Creation

Sorbet of your choice Sea bass fillet on spinach with lime butter with black rice Veal steak with Marsalajus Mediterranean vegetables and new fried potatoes Large dessert buffet “Rigihof”

135.00 CHF

Menu 25

Smoked swordfish carpaccio

with limon, mustard and coriander vinaigrette and glass noodle salad

Lemongrass soup with guinea fowl strips

Pikeperch fillet on wok vegetables

with red Thai curry sauce with jasmine rice

Fillet of beef with pak choi pepper sauce, vegetables, ginger and mashed potatoes

Lycheesorbet auf exotischen Früchten Crème brulée von Zitronengras

115.00 CHF


The rustic


Roastbeel with tartar sauce and baguette

Bündnerfleisch strips on celery salad with walnuts, salmon terrine on chives and sour cream

Smoked trout fillets on toast with horseradish foam Tête de Moine cheese with rye bread

Zurich veal cutlets with hash browns

Pork fillet strips with rosemary jus, pilaf

Pikeperch fillets in creamy white wine sauce

Buntes Gemüsebouquet

Apple pie with vanilla sauce

Gebrannte Creme


Fruit flavors

76.00 CHF

the Mediterranean


Grilled vegetables on Rucolasalat

Melon with parma ham

Vitello Tonnato

Bresaola mit Grissini

Seafood salad with avocado cubes on a lime and olive oil vinaigrette

Sautéed veal fillet strips on marsala jus with saffron risotto

Grilled scallops and giant prawns on a skewer

Lamb loin on ratatouille and new fried potatoes

Penne all’ arrabbiata


Panna Cotta mit Himbeersauce


Aufgeschnittene Früchteplatten

82.00 CHF

das Asiatische


Thailändischer Rindfleischsalat mit Basilikum

Glass noodle salad with vegetable strips

Vegetable spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce

Chicken satay skewers

Giant prawns and red snapper fillet strips on wok vegetables with red curry sauce

Beef chop suey with jasmine rice

Chicken breast strips on green Thai curry sauce

Fried noodles with tablespoons, vegetables and peanuts Exotic fruit platter

Baked banana

82.00 CHF


Lunch buffet


Large salad buffet with fresh leaf and vegetable salads

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,

Bread croutons and diced bacon

Three different salad dressings

Juicy brown veal appetizer

Chicken breast strips with Thai curry sauce

Salmon steak with lemon and herb butter

Fragrant rice

Parsley potatoes

Selection of vegetables

Fruit salad

Flan caramel

Seasonal fruit flans

chocolate mousse

58.00 CHF



Large salad buffet with fresh leaf and vegetable salads

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, croutons and diced bacon

Three different salad dressings

Baked cannelloni with meat filling and tomato and herb sauce! Ravioli in spinach batter with saffron sauce

Gnocchi with mushrooms and asparagus with walnuts

Tortelloni with blue cheese sauce

Fruit salad

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce

Seasonal fruit mousse

Mini patisserie

58.00 CHF



118.00 CHF



Melon with parma ham

Antipasti miste with zucchini


Eggplant papaya salad with seared tuna

Tomato mozzarella with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Tabbouleh salad (couscous, tomatoes, herbs, olive oil, coriander, lemon)

Thai beef salad



Cubes of monkfish fried in saffron sauce on an asparagus and cherry tomato bed

Sauteed scallops and king prawns with garlic and chili ravioli filled with lemon ricotta in a lemon butter sauce

Roast beef fried in one piece, Bernaise sauce

Guinea fowl breast strips with Asian vegetables in a green Thai curry sauce

Jasmine rice, potato gnocchi

Selection of vegetables, potato gratin


Sliced ​​exotic fruit platters

Duo of white and dark chocolate mousse

Orange tiramisu

Sorbet and ice cream selection

Passion fruit mousse

Creme Catalana

ITALIAN BUFFETIAB (from 80 people)


98.00 CHF



Large antipasta buffet with

Grilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers, balsamic onions, sun-dried tomatoes

Seafood salad with avocado

Beef carpaccio with parmesan shavings

VitelloTonnato (tender veal with tuna sauce)

Pasta salad with chicken strips and walnuts

Melon with parma ham

Colorful garden salads with garnishes and various dressings



Saltimbocca with port wine sauce

Veal piccata alla milanese

Cod fillet the Tuscan way

Tagliatelle with salmon strips

Penne with king prawns, tomatoes and garlic


Selection of vegetables

White wine risotto with mushrooms




Panna cotta

Fresh fruit salad with maraschino

Sorbet Auswahl

Fruit partalt with marinated berries

Profiteroles with chocolate filling

THAI BUFFET (from 80 people)


96.00 CHF


Thai papaya salad

Glass noodle salad with shitake mushrooms and peas

Dim sum steamed in a bamboo basket

Spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce

Seafood salad with bean sprouts

Bamboo shoot salad with duck breast and hoi sin sauce

Spicy beef salad with coriander and cat leaves

Vegetable salad with red curry paste


King prawns with chilled garlic and vegetables

Steamed red snapper on wok vegetables and coriander sauce

Chicken breast with cashew nuts and vegetables in a red curry sauce

Beef with broccoli, straw mushrooms and spicy sauce

Baked noodles

Fragrant rice

Pan-stirred vegetables


Baked bananas with syrup

Fresh exotic fruit platter

Mango Mousse

Ice cream and sorbet selection

Menü A

Gala Warm appetizers with meat and fish

Tomato and mozzarella skewers marinated with pesto

Shrimp in the batter

Eglich nut pearls with tartare sauce

Mini vegetable spring rolls with sweet & sour sauce

Marinated chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce

Gemüse Stabil im Korb mit Dips

per person

30.00 CHF



Ham, salami, meat loaf, egg, Thon

3.50 CHF

Salmon, beef tartare, dried meat, canapés toast

4.00 CHF

Ham, salami, meat loaf, egg, cheese. Thon

1.90 CHF

Baguette, approx. 45cm, cut


Ham, salami, meat loaf, egg, Thon

3.50 CHF

Salmon, beef tartare, dried meat

4.00 CHF

Menü B

Cold plates

Meat / cheese platter, mixed colors


as a snack (120g)

per person

24.50 CHF


as a meal (200g)

per person

30.50 CHF

Meat / cheese platter, only dried meat


as a snack (120g)

per person

24.50 CHF


as a meal (200g)

per person

30.50 CHF


per person

Mixed salad

3.00 CHF


6.50 CHF


4.80 CHF

Salads (2 types)

12.00 CHF

Salads (3 types)

18.00 CHF

Salads (5 types)

21.00 CHF

Salads (6 types)

30.00 CHF

You can choose from the following salads:

Mixed salad