Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland is located on the shore of the Zurich lake and the slopes of the Alps. Zurich is one of the ancient cities of the world, and its history dates back to seven thousand years.

Zürich is the largest world’s financial center and its large number of financial institutions in it. Zürich is the cultural capital of Switzerland and is one of the most important economic centers in the country. The quality of life and the public welfare in this city is very high and it is well known as the best city with a high quality of living.

Due to having a rich history and many tourist attractions, the beautiful city of Zurich is considered one of the world’s most visited city in the world. In this article, some of the best and most attractive tourist attractions in this city will be introduced.

Zurich Tourist Attractions:

  • Zurich Great Church

Zurich Church was built in Romanesque style. The church had been very influential in re-promoting the Protestant religion in Europe.  Construction of the church commenced around 1100 and it was completed around 1220 CE. The main symbol of Zurich is the twin towers of the church which was built in the 15th century.

  • Art Museum

Zürich Art Museum is one of the most important museums in Europe. In this museum art collections from the medieval times are kept. It was built in 1910. Works of well-known European artists such as Edward Munch, Jacques Lipchitz, and Alberto Giacometti are exhibited in the museum.

  • The Fraumünster Church

This historic church was built in the year 853. The glass windows were designed by artist Marc Chagall.

  • Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum is located in Zurich city and it is considered as one of the prominent museums of cultural history in Europe and the world. The building was constructed in the architectural style of the Renaissance castle in France. The museum has beautiful towers, a park between the two rivers of Limmat and Sihl and beautiful yards. The museum is one of Zurich’s most important and visited tourist attractions.

  •  Bahnhofstrasse Street

Bahnhofstrasse is Zürich‘s downtown street. The most expensive and luxurious shops and malls are situated in this street. In 2010, it was ranked as the most expensive street in Europe and the fifth most expensive worldwide.

  • Zürich Zoologischer Garden

Zürich Zoologischer Garden opened in 1929, it has accumulated a collection of 2,200 specimens of 300 species.  Asian elephants, Wildcats, Sea otter and Pandas are among animals preserving this zoo. It has more than 15,000 species of plants and trees and nearly three million plants are grown. Many of the plants in this garden are among the rarest plants in the world, which only grow in certain areas.

  • Centre Le Corbusier

Centre Le Corbusier or Heidi Museum is a museum exhibiting architectural works by Le Corbusier. In 1960 Heidi Weber had the vision to establish a museum designed by Le Corbusier. The building has a free-floating roof and is located on the Zürichsee lake shore.

  • Chinese Garden

Zurich Chinese Garden is a gift from Kunming town in China as thanks for Zürich’s technical and scientific assistance in the development of the Kunming city drinking water supply and drainage. The garden is a collection of Three Friends of Winter  – three plants that together brave the cold season – pinebamboo and plum blossom in Chinese culture. The garden has a beautiful mansion and a lake in its enclosure, surrounded by a short wall in the style of China’s historic castles.