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ABOUT Restaurant

At Zur Au Hotel, we are home of the “Zur Au ” restaurant, where we can offer you with the best Pizza in town, different pre-created menus provided for lunch, or just you chose from our A la- carte menu, where we offer different delicious international meals, suited for every taste.
Located in two separate spaces, one resembling an Italian bistro, where we serve our breakfast, but in the afternoon and evening, we are happy to host any guest. This part of the restaurant has a capacity of 50 people.
The second space called the Banquet Hall resembles a more elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Even with its fancy name and setting, we are still letting you decide where you can enjoy your meal.
The Banquet Hall has a capacity for 150 people, and its a perfect solution to your family and friends celebrations, business lunches, or corporate parties and events.
And last but not least, our restaurant has a big spacious and beautiful Terrace, where you can enjoy your meals during the months when the weather conditions are suitable.
During the summer months, our terrace with a capacity of 150 people is a place to taste our delicious offerings.

Opening hours
Monday- Friday.        09:00 – 14:00 , 17:00 – 22:00
Saturday-Sunday.     09:00 – 23:00

We are willing to change our opening hours to host your events and special occasions.

We are preparing a different menu every day for lunch period, suitable for every taste. By clicking here, you will be guided to our dedicated website of the restaurant, where you can see our Daily menus, or place an order for Delivery.  Our delivery service will be at your place in less than 40 min.

Our Chefs