The city of Zurich

The city of Zurich

The city of Zurich

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A small city that is slowly developing into a metropolis. Interesting cultural offers, restaurants, banks and sights await you on every corner. One of them is the “St. Peters Church “in the city center, with the largest bell in Europe. Zurich is also called the city of water and bridges. With the river “Limmat” and the adjoining lakes, there is a wonderful natural landscape in addition to the stressful city life.
The best way to explore the city is to take the tram or simply combine a sightseeing tour with a walk. If that’s not enough for you, you can always travel in any direction by bus, train or even boat.

Tourist Attractions

Recommended places to see or what to do to have a once in a lifetime getaway.

  • Experience the history of two parts of the city: “New Zurich” (West) and the tall towers and cobblestone streets of the old town
  • Großmünster with its twin towers from the 12th century (grossmuenster.ch).
  • Fraumünster, a renowned old town church in the city center, known for the huge colorful church windows (Marc Chagall)) (https://www.fraumuenster.ch/en/)
  • Boat tour on the river!
  • National Museum of Switzerland (https://www.nationalmuseum.ch/)
  • Other recommendations:

it is not possible to list all the places worth seeing around Zurich. If you have any further questions, please contact our reception, where they are always ready to provide you with detailed information.

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