The City of Zurich


The city of Zurich although small lately is transforming into a new buzz metropolis with vibrant cultural corners, financial centre and generally chich place for dining and entertainment.
With the historic tower of St Peter Kirche dominating the view in the city centre, it’s clock face the largest in Europe. But above all Zurich is a city of water and bridges, divided with the river Limmat and borders the lake.
The city is easily explored by foot, but you can always rely on its efficient tram, train or bus or boat system, to take you in any direction.

Places to visit

Recommendations for places to visit and things to do!

  • Explore the tale of two cities.  Visit the new Zurich (Zurich-West) as well as the high towers and cobblestone streets of the old town. Two very different parts of the city body.
  • Visit the twin-towered, 12th-century Grossmünster at Grossmünsterplatz (
  • Another Zurich landmark is the church of Fraumünster at Stadthausquai 19( where you can view the masterpiece stain glass windows created by Marc Chagall.
  • Take a lake boat ride; it is worthed trust us!
  • National Museum of Switzerland (
  • Other recommendations:

Thank you for understanding we can not cover all the essential places in the city, but if you ask at our reception desk, we can provide you with more information at any time.


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