It is a lake in Switzerland, extending southeast of the city of Zürich. Depending on the context, Lake Zürich or Zürichsee can be used to describe the lake as a whole or just that part of the lake downstream of the Seedamm at Rapperswil, whilst the part upstream of Rapperswil may be called the Obersee or Upper Lake.

This large lake is formed by glaciers of the Alp Mountains and is drawn from Zurich to its surrounding towns. The water in this lake is so clean and has beaches and special places for swimming. In the midway of Bellevue, next to this, there is a flourishing prairie which is the best place to rest on sunny days. For those who like sailing, there are many companies here which provide passenger ships, so that they can go to the surrounding towns around this lake by them. There are also many palaces and islands to have an excursion.

Those who love natural outlooks cannot ignore the Utilberg Mountain which is on the verge of Zurich. On the top of this mountain, there is a small hotel named Yout Kulem and also two towers, one for television signals and the other for seeing dreamy outlooks of this place. This mountain peak is a good starting point for camping and walking to the other mountains of this place.

The summit is easily accessible by train from Zürich. Uetliberg railway station lies some 812 m (2,664 ft) from, and 68 m (223 ft) below, the summit of the Uetliberg. It is the terminus of the Uetliberg line and is linked to Zürich Hauptbahnhof by S-Bahn Zürich service S10. Trains usually run every half-hour, taking 20 minutes.

Altstadt is a place that is full of historic cities dating back to the twentieth century. It has many famous monuments, plazas and other tourist attractions such as St. Peter’s church, Rathaus and so on, that you can see many buildings with historical architecture in them. Architecturally, the buildings are a combination of medieval and gothic architecture, and also the ancient towers of the city can be seen here.